World Rabies Day

Did you know that someone in the world dies from rabies every 9 minutes?  And the majority of those deaths are children under the age of 15. Today is World Rabies Day, an opportunity for people around the world to learn more about the impact that Rabies has on people/animals and what we can do to [...]

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February is Dental Month

3 Tips for Treating and Preventing Periodontal Disease (...while also taking care of their bad breath) As we are coming to the end of National Dental Awareness month, here are a few helpful tips to keep your pet’s breath fresh and clean.  Getting an oral exam on your pet’s mouth done by a veterinarian can [...]

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Holiday Tips

  5 Tips to Protect Your Dog This Holiday Season . The holidays bring much with them, including celebrations, decorations and unfortunately, potential hazards for our pets. Make sure this holiday season is all of the fun it should be, and none of the pain it could be for you and your dog by checking [...]

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Water Festival is here!!!

Water Festival is here and so is the warmer weather! I know we're all excited to get outside and enjoy Water Festival and all the summer activities.  Please remember when you take your lowcountry pets outside to be mindful of the potential hazards the heat can pose. Here's a quick overview from our AMC Veterinary [...]

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Veterinary Safety for the Fourth of July

July 4th marks the anniversary of America's independence.   Animal Medical Center wants you to have fun but remember that your pets may not love all the celebrations. As dog and cat lovers we look forward to celebrating the longer summer days but please remember with this summer holiday  how hazardous this holiday can be to [...]

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Dental Month

Let’s talk about teeth for a minute, as February is National Dental Month in the veterinary community. Periodontal (dental) disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem in our pets; with 76% in dogs and 68% in cats; yet it is preventable. “According to the American Veterinary Dental College, most dogs and cats have some [...]

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Allergies and your Lowcountry Pet

Is your pet itchy? Sneezy? Experiencing  watery eyes or prone to ear infections? These may be signs that your pet is experiencing allergies. There are three common types of pet allergies:       Flea allergies       Environmental allergies       Food allergies   The frustration with allergies is, it can be hard to find the trigger to your dog or cat’s [...]

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Wellness Exams & Lyme Disease Vaccine

Happy New Year to our Animal Medical Center family! Wishing everyone a year of health and well-being for our families, (including our furry four-legged loved ones). AMC spotlights the importance and benefits of an Annual Wellness Exam, a vital part of maintaining a healthy, happy, and long life for your pets. Also, for our snowbirds [...]

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