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Health insurance is just as important for your pet as it is for you and your family! Pet health insurance will help cover the veterinary medical costs for your pet if an accident or unexpected illnesses occurs after the initial date of enrollment. It is beneficial to choose a policy early in your pet’s life. Plans also do not cover pre-existing conditions. You will be prepared for the unexpected with pet insurance, and rest assured that your dog or cat will always receive optimal treatment in the unfortunate case of an accident or emergency.

How Does Pet Health Insurance Work?

After treatment, the insurance company will require that you submit your paid invoice along with an insurance claim form to be reimbursed at the rate determined by the insurance company. There is no extra change for being referred to a specialist or visiting an emergency clinic, and some companies will also provide discounts for supplements and therapeutic diets.

We encourage you to explore your options and decide if pet insurance is right for you and your pet. For more information or to get started with enrolling your pet in a health insurance plan, please contact us to speak with one of our staff members.