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Keep a Regular Schedule for Your Pet

As we all know, Thanksgiving and all the holidays in December are the busiest holidays of the year—between family coming and going and the craziness of Black Friday and News Years Eve, your pet may be feeling a little left out. Please be sure that during this hectic holiday you make the opportunity to just sit and relax and enjoy some good quality time with your fury companion.

Whether you’re going out for a session of ball (with the appropriate winter gear, of course), sitting in front of the fire, or taking some family pictures, there are a lot of ways to make sure that your pet feels loved and included in all of the chaos that surrounds this time of year.


The holidays are here–we are sure your pet is looking forward to the fun holiday festivities too! Your pet can enjoy the holidays with you and your family if you remember a few safety tips:

Holiday Food and Pets

With all of the happy chaos in your kitchen this holiday season, it is extremely important that you watch everything that falls form the counter tops, because you can be sure that your pet will be watching with an eagle eye! There are good reasons for not allowing your pet to consume any human food. Consuming turkey bones, processed food, or other seasoned and prepared meals can leave your pet feeling sick for days. This is not the time of year you want to have a sick pet! If you want to treat your pet on the holiday, a little properly cooked can be perfectly safe to give your pet. Please make sure that you ONLY give them turkey or chicken that has been prepared with NO SEASONING, or rinse the meat prior to giving it to your pet.

Please be sure your pet does not have access to treats containing chocolate, xylitol, grapes/raising, onions or other toxic foods. If our pet eats any of these items, please call us right away.

Holiday Decorations

Please keep holiday plants, especially holly, mistletoe and lilies, out of reach of your pet. If you have a cat, consider leaving tinsel off your tree. Secure your Christmas tree from falling in case your dog bumps it or your cat climbs it. Hanging a lemon-scented car air fresheners in the tree may deter your cat from climbing it.

New Year’s Resolution

If your pet is overweight, consider a New Year’s resolution to help your pet get to a healthy weight. They will live longer and be happier, too. If your pet is overweight and you would like advice on the right food choices and quantities for your pet, give us a call.

From our family, to yours–all of us at Animal Medical Center wish you and your pets a very happy holiday season.