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Summer Heat

Summer Heat 2019-05-31T13:45:14+00:00

Its HOT here!

Our Veterinary Clinic’s, Animal Medical Center of the Lowcountry and Animal Medical Center West  want to remind you of the potential hazards the heat can pose for your pets.

Outside pets:

● Make sure your pets have access to shade and water at all times

● Bring senior, sick animals, and certain short-nosed breeds, i.e- bulldogs inside as they may not be as heat tolerant as younger healthy dogs

● Watch out for hot asphalt, pavement, and beach sand because it can burn your dogs paws. Ouch! Just try standing on hot pavement barefoot for 1 minute, YOU CAN’T DO IT, so neither can your dogs.

● Exercise your dogs in the early morning or late evening to avoid the warmest part of the day

● Kid swimming pools are a great way to help keep your pets cool during the summer Please NEVER leave your pets in a car without air conditioning for any period of time. Look how hot the inside of your car can get in just 10 minutes!

Signs of Heat Stroke in a dog

● Elevated body temperature

● Excessive panting/salivating

● Weakness in the limbs/collapse

● Diarrhea/vomiting

If you notice these symptoms in your dog , please have them seen by a veterinarian ASAP because heat stroke can be life threatening if not treated Quickly!  

Hope you enjoy these sunny days safely with your pets!!

Animal Medical Center, Veterinarian, Dr Caroline Wreden wants to keep your pets well during this Lowcountry heat.