//Pet Boarding in Beaufort, SC

Pet Boarding in Beaufort, SC

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Our boarding facility and staff means your pet may not even miss home when leave them in our care. Our team has dedicated their lives to the care of animals, we love to pamper your pets. Dogs stay warm when it’s chilly and cool on hot days, when we turn on our misting system so they feel like they are in a tropical rainforest. We also have a canopy to help keep them cool while they are outside. We let them play outside as much as they like, weather permitting, but they all come inside our air-conditioned building and are put to bed with their blanket before dark.

  • Full climate control
  • Parasite-free lodging
  • A large, outdoor exercise area
  • Open Sunday afternoon for pick up
  • Cat lodging in separate from dog boarding
  • Misting system in place for HOT days
  • Personal attention from a trained, caring and experienced staff.
  • Lots of playtime for dogs with secure runs and a fenced outdoor area

Boarding Requirements for Dogs and Cats

We love having your pets stay with us. All we need is their up to date vaccination records and confirmation that they’re free of internal and external parasites! Some general information from you regarding medical needs, activity level and feeding habits will ensure they receive our best care.