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Veterinary Dental disease is the most common disease our pets have.

The good news is, that it’s also one of the most preventable and treatable conditions.

With digital dental radiography we can now assess the root of your pet’s teeth problems (no pun intended)!  60% of dental disease is below the gumline, therefore, without dental radiographs many lesions are missed. AMC uses digital dental xrays to help find these hidden diseases. We treat all major tooth extractions, even those that need bone grafts.

Dental disease may also have effects throughout the whole body; there is a correlation between severe dental disease and changes in the kidney, liver and heart.

We have a strong belief that dental disease is one the most preventable and treatable conditions that our pets suffer from. We have a wide array of products and services to help prevent and combat the needs of our clients. Our new dental x-ray gives our doctors and technicians the opportunity to properly diagnose and treat your pet’s teeth, and we carry several preventative products on our shelves to keep our furry friends’ teeth clean and healthy!

Dental care services at AMC include the following:

  • Comprehensive Dental Evaluation
  • Digital Dental X-Ray
  • Dental Scaling
  • Professional Dental Cleaning
  • Tooth Polishing